If you would like Verity Biddick MRICS FAAV to personally review your preliminary planning enquiry, we have structured our initial fees to help in a range of different circumstances, depending on client requirements.

Please also read our terms of business, privacy notice and complaints handling procedure (CHP) as attached in the footnote below.

The initial consultation or initial desktop site review (as detailed below) constitute a brief assessment based on a time limited period. As such, a detailed preliminary site review may be best suited to clients requiring a full initial appraisal of the relevant facts. The options set out below in relation to new enquiries are subject to payment in advance by the client. We will provide an invoice for payment when you book an appointment with us. 

Initial desktop-based client review

Initial consultation: Fixed fee chargeable of £78.00 (£65 + VAT) which allows up to 30 minutes as a telephone consultation. 

Prior to your appointment, we recommend that, whenever possible, you email us the site address / postcode and a plan identifying the land or building to which your query relates, in order to make best use of our time on the 'phone and to assist our discussion. 

Initial desktop site review: Fixed fee chargeable of £156.00 (£130 + VAT) which allows for up to 60 minutes as a desktop site review to include review of the client query as well as assessment of the site context and characteristics and any relevant statutory designations affecting the site. Our initial view to be either documented via email to the client or discussed on the 'phone, depending on the issues arising in each case.


To help manage client expectations, we would estimate that any written comments provided to the client in relation to an initial desktop site review would be unlikely to exceed 250 words. 

We request that any person requiring an initial desktop site review confirms their objectives and the nature of their planning enquiry to us in writing, for instance via an email. Whenever possible, we recommend that you also email us the site address / postcode, a plan identifying the site and a photograph of the land or building to which your query relates, unless the site details have already been made available to us via an initial consultation on the 'phone.

Detailed preliminary site review

Detailed site review: The facts in each case will influence the components which form part of a detailed site review undertaken by us. For instance, it may involve one or more of the following considerations: review of any adverse planning history in relation to a site, specific planning policy interpretation in regards to permitted development rights and/or full planning options, or review of how an individual business model operates in a planning context. Understanding the client's objectives is also fundamental to each case.  For these reasons, detailed preliminary site reviews are undertaken on the basis of our hourly chargeable rate (£130 per hour exclusive of disbursements and VAT) unless otherwise agreed with the client. 

How to book an appointment 

If you would like to proceed with booking an appointment, please let us know via the contact us form on this website or via an email to: verity@smartbluefrog.co.uk. Please state your full name, address and contact details.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will assist you.